mmm…breakfast – gluten free frozen pancakes

I’m typically not a big breakfast eater. Back in the day I loved me some pop-tarts or cereal bars. Anything that was fast and tasty as I always seem to be in a hurry. Most days I don’t even do breakfast at all. A cup of coffee suits me just fine. My son and hubby however LOVE breakfast. They could eat it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Bacon is my son’s favorite and pancakes are a close second.

We used to buy frozen pancakes for mornings when we needed something quick and easy for him to eat. And I’ve been on the search for a gluten free version for the past 3 years. To my knowledge one did not exist. You can find gluten free frozen waffles everywhere, but not pancakes. And I’m sorry, waffles just are not the same. It’s not the International House of Waffles after all.

So the other day when I was perusing the frozen food section at Natural Foods Warehouse and saw these I could not contain my excitement. I’m pretty sure I jumped up and down and made weird, scary noises. Luckily it’s never overly crowded there. I was able to have a private moment with my incredible find.

I just did a little research on Julian’s gluten free pancakes and apparently they come in Buttermilk (the ones I purchased), Wild Blueberry and Belgian Chocolate. We will have to give those a try next. I love that these pancakes can be from box to table in under a minute. As a busy mom with 2 kids and a business, I don’t always have time to play Martha Stewart and make a big breakfast. Hell, who am I kidding? I never have the time except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays. But these are fast and easy.

And the verdict from the picky 8 year old? “They taste pretty much like regular pancakes. Pretty much, but not exactly” I personally think they taste better than other gluten filled frozen pancakes I’ve had. They are frozen so they aren’t going to taste just like a plate of IHOP pancakes. They are light and fluffy as any good pancake should be. And I know for a fact they’d be better than my own homemade pancakes. Those are never light, and never fluffy. Pancakes fall into the “baking” category and a baker I’m not. Chef extraordinaire, yes. Baker, hells no.

We will definitely have these again. They’ll be a treat because they are a bit pricey as everything GF is. But to make my 8 year old happy and not have to break out eggs and a box of flour is a win win for me!

Product Review-Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza and Redbridge Beer

It’s time for my first product review. And I thought what better place to start than pizza? I think most people when they first find out they have to go gluten free freak out over losing pizza. No more cheesey hot domino’s pizza and wings delivered on a Friday night. No more crazy bread. No more sharing in a pizza party with your kid. Who knew pizza could be so heartbreaking?

But I am happy to say that there are alternatives. I think I have literally tried every GF pizza out there. I have found several that I enjoy but I will be honest and tell you they don’t taste like real pizza. And I have been on a mission to find one that does. Not just for myself, but for my son that may need to go GF as well. He is a very picky eater and none of the GF pizzas I’ve tried have made it off of his plate. The flavor is just too weird for him.

Until the other night. I have had great success with Udi’s products and they just came out with these new pizzas so I decided to give them a try. I picked up a Pepperoni and a Margherita. Right away I was a little disappointed in the size. But honestly with GF items I’m used to getting a small amount for a lot of money. The pizza is definitely smaller than it appears on the box. As you can see above, one pizza fits on a full size plate. I had planned for all 3 of us to share these and I would definitely need one pizza for each of us. I first saw these at Whole Foods but I was very excited to actually find these at my local Publix. They were roughly $7 each.

What was the verdict? WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Here is a direct quote from my super picky eater…”I love it. Best GF pizza I’ve ever had! I even like it better than regular pizza!” I think that last bit was thrown in for dramatic effect as he knew he would be quoted. I have no doubt that if given the choice he would still tackle me for a slice of Domino’s. But he ate every bite and was very happy. Which makes a very happy mommy. My hubby who is very vocal about his dislike of most GF baked items actually agreed that this pizza was amazing. He said it did not taste GF. I totally agree. Best I’ve had!

Above are the pics of the Pepperoni pizza. I actually left the Margherita in a little too long and burnt it. So it wasn’t pretty but still tasted pretty good. I prefer the Pepperoni even though Margherita is my fave flavor usually. There wasn’t enough cheese on it for me. As with most GF pizzas there is a fine balance between underdone and overdone. The outside edges crisp up fairly quickly while the inside is still a little soft. I prefer it more crispy and the boys prefer soft. 

And what is a good pizza without a good beer? The first thing I cried about foodwise when I was diagnosed was beer. What can I say, I’m a beer girl. And not just any gross light cheap beer. I love the dark rich frothy beers that real men drink. And I love a good beer with a good meal. I have tried many GF beers and  most of them are just plain gross. Too girly with flavors like citrus and strawberries. Beer and fruit should not be allowed to live in the same bottle. I will do a total beer review at some point. In the meantime, I will share one of the GF beers that I actually do really like. Redbridge by ANHEUSER-BUSCH. It reminds me a little of Killian’s Irish Red which was a fave pre-diagnosis. If you like a darker beer I think you will be pleasantly surprised and satisfied. And I have been finding it available at a few restaurants around town as well. Score!!