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I came across an incredible find this past week. We were driving through downtown Historic Roswell and as we were sitting at a red light, I just happened to look over to my left and what do I see in big bold letters? GLUTEN FREE CUTIE. It was a cupcake shop and I love cupcakes!! Luckily, there was no one behind me because I whipped the car back as fast as I could and into a parking space. I was so excited because I actually had my camera with me for a change (I’m horrible about that!) and knew I could do an impromptu review. The sign said they closed at 5:00 and it was already 4:30 so I was rushing. I went to the front counter and asked if the gentleman there was the owner. He said yes and introduced himself as James. I told him that I was a photographer and have a gluten free blog and asked if it was ok if I took some quick pics. He said sure, so I ran back out to get the family and my camera. I’m sure James thought I was a crazy person because I was babbling and nervous. I have enormous social anxiety issues so it was a huge deal for me to ask to take pics and write about their shop.

Since I was rushed (FYI, the owners did not rush me at all, I was just trying to be considerate of the time) these pics do not do everything justice. This is one of the cutest shops I’ve been in. It definitely fits its location. It has tons of southern charm and you feel like you are walking into a cross between your Granny’s front porch and an old ice cream parlor. James told me his wife Natalie used to be in design before opening the shop and you can definitely tell that she knows what she is doing. Every detail is charming and inviting, down to the porch swing, mason jar chandelier and the old screen door that is the entrance to the kitchen. You can actually watch the ladies making the cupcakes (his wife Natalie was in the kitchen baking away for the next day) and it’s like watching your mom bake when you were a kid. I was hoping they’d come out and ask if I wanted to lick the spoon.

They also have a candy section along one wall and it has so much great stuff for kids and grown-ups alike. They have jelly beans, licorice, lollipops, homemade caramels and more. The caramels are made with coconut milk so they are dairy free as well. I bought one but unfortunately my 8 year old got to it first. I didn’t realize until we had already left or I would have gotten another. I REALLY wanted that caramel!

I will be totally honest and tell you that I’m not into frilly cupcakes. I am very simple and like vanilla birthday cake type cupcakes and red velvet. I don’t need crazy flavor combos and elaborate toppings. But I wanted to jump in with both feet and order something that I might not normally try. It was closing time so they only had 4 flavors left. The boys jumped immediately on “The Camp Out” which is chocolate cake, chocolate ganache center, toasted marshmallow topping with a chocolate dipped mini graham cracker. It’s basically a smores in a cupcake. Those boys LOVE smores! I hate marshmallows so I didn’t have a taste. But I know it must have been good because when the baby “accidentally” pushed my hubby’s plate onto the floor, he employed the 5 second rule and still devoured the whole thing. I tried the “Mint Chocolate Chip” which is chocolate cake, mint chocolate ganache center with faux mint buttercream frosting. Sounds fancy right? Well, it was and it tasted amazing! Maybe there is something to this new world of creative cupcakery. Mine tasted just like an Andes mint. The topping and inside were so creamy and the cake just fell apart in your hands. But not in that really bad gluten free baked good kind of way. It wasn’t dry and crumbly. It was so moist that it literally melted in your hands. This is definitely one to be eaten with a fork. It was sooooo good!!

As we were eating James sat down at the table with us and we listened to the story of why they opened Gluten Free Cutie. As a baby, their daughter Savanna had many symptoms of autism. James said that he has a family member with an autistic child so they had some idea that she might be on the spectrum. They did a lot of research and went to a local doctor that works closely with autistic children and treatments. After allergy testing they found she is allergic to gluten, dairy and artificial dyes. When they changed her diet to eliminate the things that were poisoning her body she was a changed child. She started sleeping through the night and her behavior was calmer and she was more communicative. It’s amazing what a miracle going gluten free can be for so many people and children.

I love that they have opened this bakery to give other kids with Celiac, Autism and food allergies a place to get a special treat. We are in the process of trying to have my son officially diagnosed with Celiac and it’s a very long and frustrating road. I am so excited that I have a place to take him that allows him to feel normal. There is nothing in this shop that I will have to say no to. He can have anything he wants!! My 6 month old, who we will probably start out on a gluten free diet, also has a milk allergy. She can eat here too! The bakery is 100% gluten, peanut, soy, egg and artificial dye free. And most of their options are dairy free and vegan as well. Since I am not a great baker, I can actually pre-order cupcakes if I ever want to take something special to a school activity. If you don’t have a child with a food allergy you can only imagine how heartbreaking it is when they cannot eat birthday cake at a party, or have the same snack that their friends are sharing. Thank you Natalie and James for providing this for the gluten free community. And for actually making products that are delicious, gluten free or not!

Gluten Free Cutie offers over 15 different cupcake flavors, cake pops, whoopie pies, candy, biscuits, pudding and more. The menu changes daily so be sure to check their site before your visit to see what’s available and to read more about Natalie, James and Savannah. I would also recommend to go earlier in the day if possible because I am sure certain flavors sell out quickly. I can’t wait to go back and try their “Not So Red Velvet” and to get my hands on one of those caramels.

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  1. Ian Hall on said:

    I have to say that I am not a huge cupcake fan. I love sweets, breads and anything cakey but cupcakes just always seemed messy and hard to deal with unless you had a fork. Let me tell you, I would lay my face in these cupcakes if I had too. The Camp Out was fantastic and I will partake in that again and again.
    If you follow Chisty’s blog you may know that I have not been the biggest fan of gluten free products. There is no way to know that these were gluten free! They were soft, moist and CAKEY! Yumm. If you live in the area I urge you to stop by and support a local Gluten Free company, family and way of life.

  2. truly madly freely on said:

    Amy, this place is great. There is also a sub shop that has gluten free subs down the street from me. Equally amazing. This is Atlanta. It’s so worth a trip. There is a ton of stuff to do here and many great GF friendly restaurants. Come see us!!

  3. Dianne on said:

    .Hi Christy, That was an awesome review. You’re such a poetic writer. That place looks great. I love cupcakes. Who doesn’t, right? And they look so yummy. I love the feel of the place. What a great mason jar chandelier. I love any place that makes you feel at home. You can tell they put a lot of love into it. Wish we lived close enough to try a few. Guess you’ll have to taste a few for us. I would pick the Andes mint flavor. Love Andes mints. Amy-J, We were able to visit the area for just a day or two and let me tell you there is sooo much to see and do. Wish I could talk my husband into living close by. Of corse having loved ones there helps too. Anyway, Christy, Great job you’re doing.

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