Good Grub Subs…Gluten Free Sub Sandwiches


That’s right, you heard me. That’s not a type-o. Gluten Free Sub Sandwiches!! What are the first things you mourn after finding out you have to go gluten free? For most people it’s pizza and beer and SUBS! No more Subway, no more Firehouse. There is just nothing like a good juicy Italian sub full of ham, salami, pepperoni, Provolone cheese and Italian dressing. And when I was diagnosed and trying to come to grips with everything, I went back for that delicious Firehouse Italian sub “one last time” for about 6 months!

So when I started to hear rumors of a local sub shop serving gluten free subs I knew it must be too good to be true. When I googled “gluten free subs Atlanta”, Good Grub Subs popped up. And, to my extreme delight, I found out that they aren’t even 8 miles from my house! I had no excuse not to hop in the car and give them a try. I loaded up the hubby and the kid and we took off for lunch.

Right when you walk in you can tell that the ordering experience here is a little different than you are used to. To the first timer it may look overwhelming. But the staff is very helpful and will come around the counter to help you if you’ve never been in before. Along the wall as you come in is the sandwich board and underneath are a bunch of laminated menus filed under different headings…soups & wraps, veggie subs &wraps, specialty subs & wraps, salads, kids and of course gluten free. You choose your menu, take one of the dry erase markers and check the items you would like including any sandwich toppings. It might seem labor intensive but I think it makes the whole process much easier. You can order at your own pace and not worry about shouting out what you want while hovering over the counter.

The absolute best thing about this place is the level of care that they put into preventing any cross contamination for Celiacs. The owner’s father has Celiac so they are very educated on the dangers of cross contact. If you or someone in your party orders from the gluten free menu they will prepare that sandwich first. They change their gloves and prepare everything on an entirely separate counter with completely separate ingredients. So, note, they are not just changing their gloves and dipping into the same meats and cheeses. They have completely separate meats and cheeses that are only for the gluten free sandwiches! They use all Boar’s head meats and cheeses. The bread they use is a secret but I know the owner would tell you if you come in and ask. I do know the vendor they use and the bread is some of the best I’ve had. It’s completely gluten free and 100% safe. They do currently toast the sandwiches in the same oven with gluten filled bread. However, they use a fresh piece of tin foil with every gluten free order so your sandwich never touches the rack. They will be investing in a separate oven soon. Once your sandwich is complete, wrapped up and handed to you they will begin the rest of the orders. This process does take a little longer than just running into Subway and leaving 3 minutes later. But it is worth every bit of the time it takes.

Good Grub might be a little out of the way for most people outside of Forsyth County. But, I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed in making the drive. I literally cried the first time I ate there. I was so excited to not only be eating a sub sandwich, but one that tasted REAL! It tasted just like that Firehouse sub I loved and missed so much. Only better.

It is now one of our favorite places to eat. We have recently switched my 8 year old son over to the gluten free diet. For a child, this is especially hard. But we can go to Good Grub and he doesn’t even notice the difference in the bread. He loves the way the menu system is set up because it makes him feel grown up and he can place his own custom order. The owner Alan and his staff are always friendly and remember us whenever we come in. They talk to us like old friends and I watch as they talk and laugh with all of their customers. This is a great family owned business that I truly believe in. We need more people like Alan that are taking the right, safe steps to offering gluten free meals to the public. They would love to expand and open a new more centralized location one day. But it’s going to take loyal customers to support their business and show them that the gluten free community is active and can move mountains.

Good Grub is located at 5905 Atlanta Hwy, Ste 104 Alpharetta, Ga. 30004. All but 2 of their sandwiches are available gluten free. They also have the occasional gluten free milkshake and some of their salads are also gluten free. If you are ordering a salad you will need to specify that you need it to be gluten free. That way they will pull your meats and veggies from the dedicated gluten free counter. They also have a couple of brands of gluten free potato chips and currently have a huge assortment of Lucy’s gluten free cookies in individual sized bags. Please treat yourself and take a little trip to Alpharetta this weekend. Tell them I sent you ;)