mmm…breakfast – gluten free frozen pancakes

I’m typically not a big breakfast eater. Back in the day I loved me some pop-tarts or cereal bars. Anything that was fast and tasty as I always seem to be in a hurry. Most days I don’t even do breakfast at all. A cup of coffee suits me just fine. My son and hubby however LOVE breakfast. They could eat it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Bacon is my son’s favorite and pancakes are a close second.

We used to buy frozen pancakes for mornings when we needed something quick and easy for him to eat. And I’ve been on the search for a gluten free version for the past 3 years. To my knowledge one did not exist. You can find gluten free frozen waffles everywhere, but not pancakes. And I’m sorry, waffles just are not the same. It’s not the International House of Waffles after all.

So the other day when I was perusing the frozen food section at Natural Foods Warehouse and saw these I could not contain my excitement. I’m pretty sure I jumped up and down and made weird, scary noises. Luckily it’s never overly crowded there. I was able to have a private moment with my incredible find.

I just did a little research on Julian’s gluten free pancakes and apparently they come in Buttermilk (the ones I purchased), Wild Blueberry and Belgian Chocolate. We will have to give those a try next. I love that these pancakes can be from box to table in under a minute. As a busy mom with 2 kids and a business, I don’t always have time to play Martha Stewart and make a big breakfast. Hell, who am I kidding? I never have the time except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays. But these are fast and easy.

And the verdict from the picky 8 year old? “They taste pretty much like regular pancakes. Pretty much, but not exactly” I personally think they taste better than other gluten filled frozen pancakes I’ve had. They are frozen so they aren’t going to taste just like a plate of IHOP pancakes. They are light and fluffy as any good pancake should be. And I know for a fact they’d be better than my own homemade pancakes. Those are never light, and never fluffy. Pancakes fall into the “baking” category and a baker I’m not. Chef extraordinaire, yes. Baker, hells no.

We will definitely have these again. They’ll be a treat because they are a bit pricey as everything GF is. But to make my 8 year old happy and not have to break out eggs and a box of flour is a win win for me!